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Gosho Quote for June 2019 

The True Object of Worship

(Nyorai metsugo gogohyakusai ni hajimu kanjin no honzon-sho)

Tiantai says: “When we perceive the intensity of the rain, we can fathom the ferociousness of the dragon causing it, and when we view the flourishing blossoms of the lotus plants, we can gauge the depth of the pond in which they grow.” Miaole states: “Wise men know the essential source, just as snakes are inherently aware of their own ways.” When the heavens are clear, the ground is distinctly visible, and those who know the Lotus Sutra can master the essence of worldly affairs. Out of great compassion for those who were unaware of the doctrine of ichinen sanzen (three-thousand realms in a single life-moment), the Buddha wrapped this gem within the five characters and used it to decorate the necks of those in the Latter Day who do not possess the seed of Buddhahood.

(Gosho, pp. 661-662)

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