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Gosho Quote for September 2018

Risshō ankoku-ron

(On Securing the Peace of the Land through the Propagation of True Buddhism)

By thoroughly reading all of these sutras, you will find that they all point out the grave consequences of slandering the Law. How lamentable it is that everyone has walked out of the gate of the correct Law and entered into the prison of erroneous teachings! How foolish people are to be caught by the hook of evil doctrines and become eternally entangled in the net of slanderous teachings! In this lifetime, the people’s ability [to see the correct Law] is obscured by a dense fog, and in future existences they will be engulfed by the roaring flames of hell. How can we not grieve? How can we not agonize? You must immediately renounce your erroneous belief and take faith in the supreme teaching of the one vehicle of the Lotus Sutra.

(Gosho, p. 250)

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