What is Tozan?

Tozan literally means "to climb the mountain."   In our practice, it means the pilgrimage that members make to the Head Temple, Taisekiji, at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan, to worship the Dai-Gohonzon.  Taisekiji is a vast, beautiful area with many temple buildings amid forests, rushing mountain water and ancient stone paths, steeped in the heritage of this True Buddhism.   

The Daishonin writes in “The Person and the Law” (“Nanjo dono-gohenji”):

”Within the mortal flesh of my heart, I, Nichiren, secretly hold the ultimate mystic Law received from Lord Shakyamuni at Eagle Peak. Therefore, my heart is where all Buddhas enter nirvana; my tongue is the place where they turn the wheel of the Law; my throat is the place where they are born, and my mouth is where they attain perfect enlightenment. [Should this mountain,] where the most august votary of the Lotus Sutra resides, be regarded any less highly than the pure land of Eagle Peak? Because the Law is ineffably supreme, the person is venerable, and because the person is venerable, the place is sacred.”
— Gosho, p. 1569